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It's My Birthday!

Apparently there comes a time when you get so old you stop wanting people to call attention to your birthday.

34 is not that time.


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You're not 34, you're only 28. That's how I understand these things work anyway...

This does mean I'm still 21 by the way! =;)

Happy Birthday again!
But I don't want to be 28! It was bad enough the first time round!
Thank you!
Many happy returns!!
Thank you!!
Well, happy birthday to you!
Aww, and happy birthday. I wasn't going to forget about that, no matter what, so I hope you'll have a really nice day. 34 is nothing - you're still a kid yet. =^_^=
Oh, thank you! That means a lot to me :)
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Happy birthday! Many dancing huskies and all that :-)
Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the huskygram!
Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a great day. x

Thank you! :)
May you have a great one today :)
Thank you, o Great One! :)
Happy Birthday! :)
Thank you!
This is in base 10, right? Just checking.

Happy birthday!
I confess to googling 'base 10', just to make sure. That is how maths-illiterate I am. And thank you!
Happy birthday! Is there a celebration planned?
I have just had lunch with colleagues, and I'm riding down to meet Howard tonight (after this pint of cider has worn off, hopefully). It's all good!
Happy birthday!

Thank you!
Happy birthday to you! :)
Oh squee!
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