Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Copenhagen 3

All weekend, Nick had been insisting that there was an 'octagonal tower' in Copenhagen which he wanted to see. At last we discovered that it went by the name of the Round Tower, and after a substantial brunch at a nearby café (melon! grilled peppers! the best hash browns ever!) we sallied forth to find it.

This tower had a wide, shallow stairway with lots of niches for small children to hide in and leap out at their parents, a library (which was open) and an observatory (which was closed). More lovely views, with the bridge to Sweden just visible in the misty distance.

wardy had spotted a Resistance Museum in the guidebook, and we wandered towards this through pleasant parkland by way of Copenhagen's most famous tourist attraction: the statue of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid

We loved the museum, with its tales of sabotage, heroism and the rescue of nearly 7000 Danish Jews from deportation. More harbourside walking followed as we tried to locate what my guidebook reckoned was the cheapest of several options for touring the city by boat.

The canal tour (or 'ANAL TOUR', as every sign for it had been amended) was the surprise hit of the holiday. We loved it, and not just because it spared our poor legs for an hour.

The more expensive tour departed from a crowded dock with multilingual signs. We, on the other hand, embarked from a rickety, deserted pier under the auspices of a couple of guys eating kebabs and smoking cigarettes, one of whom told us this joke:

"Do you know why Japanese tourists like the Little Mermaid so much? Because she is half porn and half sushi!"

Our tour was the best. And we went right past our hotel:

View of Noma and the Arctic Janus, from the water

Then it was time to collect our cases from the boat and head to the airport, where we ate our last hot dogs and browsed the duty free selection. Although we'd had bags of time we still managed to arrive towards the tail of the boarding queue. Nick and I ended up in the very last row of seats on the plane, where an obliging flight attendant called up the captain at Nick's behest to find out which town we could see glittering below the port wing (Rotterdam).

We landed at Gatwick around 11PM and dispersed: Inso and Russet caught the London Bridge train, Wardy and I headed for East Croydon and the 119 bus, while Nick stayed on our train until Clapham Junction.

Around teatime on Monday I received a text from Wardy to say he'd arrived home safely. Mission complete. I could relax.

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