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Autumn Haiku


First frost on the lawns
and dry leaves of Beckenham
where my grandma lived.


Kids go back to school
New lunchboxes and old fears
and itchy wool socks.

I bloody hate autumn.


Ugh. There goes the peace and quiet 'til half-term...
Damn, yes, I'll have to set off 15 minutes earlier for work again!
I am the opposite!

I LOVE autumn (esp October, and then the leadup to holiday season! ;)

Kids back at school make walking your puppy-niece quieter. And not as many of those annoying "skateboard like scooter things" on the road, which da Pup has a fear of. (poor girlie!)

Only bad point is the getting dark so darn early.. with Tiger not getting home until 6pm now, I predict LOTS of doggy playtime in the dark! Must get her light up collar, (and ball!), all battery-ed up!



ps- please excuse if this comment is a bit "all over the place". Moved your puppy-niece's kennel into my room, and she spent her first night in room with me. ARGH! She is just NOT happy that she can not sleep ON my bed! Was a LOOOONNG night, and I am exhausted! Hope tonite goes better! *crossed paws*
Hope she gets used to it soon and you can enjoy sweet dreams together!

I really dislike autumn because I always feel I haven't got enough out of summer, haven't been out on my bike enough, haven't swum in the sea enough. But there's always my birthday, and Hallowe'en, and November 5th...
.. and hopefully, if you are free, the Christmas Festival???

*hopeful eyes*

You must speak to your pupy-niece about this sleeping thing.. LOL She was so tired from not sleeping last night, that she barely stirred when I asked if she wanted "walkies"? *laughs*
I see it's November 25-27 this year. I will check my calendar when I get home, and if there's nothing marked (and I don't think there is), bung it straight in!

Better tire that girl, and yourself, out down at the field! I am available over the phone for lullaby-singing :)

Edited at 2011-09-01 11:13 am (UTC)
*tentative happy dance, though waits to break into proper dancing, until after you get back to her*

:) We so hope we can make it a Christmas-themed weekend with you, once again. :)

I have taken her on long walkies number one so far, with more to go.

(I think the blame last night might have been due to the Tiger - as I don't think that he took her out for a walk, before bringing her up... naughty Tiger. ;))

Will keep the phone by the bed, in case lullabies are needed. *winks*
I do hope we can do it again! I love traditions :)
By my reckoning, seasonal lag means autumn starts on the vernal equinox in the UK, i.e. not until September 23rd.

The season we're now entering is what's technically known to meteorologists as "the bit of summer you can enjoy without bloody schoolchildren everywhere", and is a Good Thing.
They're wrong. It's chilly and dark.
You're due some warmth and sunshine for a change tomorrow and Saturday?
OK, I'll grudgingly enjoy that.
You maam have obviously never been to Kew gardens on a bright and frosty Autumn morning.

You can learn to love England's finest season!
I do like the colours, I must admit. My favourite place for autumn leaves is Stourhead in Dorset.
Autumn's actually my favourite season :)
There's always one :P
While it can come as a welcome relief after a scorchingly hot summer, I fear it loses some of its charm after a sullen summer such as this one.

What with one thing and another, it's turning into a pretty strange year, weather-wise.
I'm not usually a big fan of autumn, but I have to say that the weather its first day has thrown me today (hours of warm sunshine) is enormously better than the sensationally horrible last week of summer I've just endured.
It is quite crisp, but in a melancholy way in my view.
After leaving school, it took many years for me not to feel anxious and uneasy each early September.
I am not quite there yet!
What Autumn?
I just got back from multiple 115F (46.1C) days (and >90F nights) in Phoenix, AZ.
No autumn there, for sure!
Oh, hush yo' muzzle!

Temperature at home around 20C this morning. Ahhhh......
It's about that here today, but with a curious chill underneath...