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Copenhagen 1

August Bank Holiday weekend brought a long-awaited trip to Copenhagen with some of my role-playing friends from thunderbolt_b (spaces are available if you fancy a literate RP-by-email featuring anthropomorphic animals in fighter jets).

We were a posse of five: me, wardy, Nick/Ultrafox, silvante and insofox. A 7:45 flight from Gatwick meant a painfully early start, with Wardy (who'd driven down the night before) and I up at 4:30 to catch the East Croydon bus and Gatwick train. However, it also meant we landed in Copenhagen with almost a full day ahead of us.

Once we'd worked out what sort of ticket we needed the Metro journey was straightforward, and it was a short walk from the Christianshavn stop to our hotel.

Did I mention that our hotel was a frickin' boat? And a working one at that? Here it is, the Arctic Janus:

Arctic Janus

Baggage dropped off, we sallied forth with that fresh, excited first-day-of-the-holiday feeling to grab some lunch. We ate outside, watched by cheeky sparrows and watching people climb a spiral tower nearby. Hmm, we thought. Could we perhaps climb a spiral tower also?

On investigation, the tower proved to be Vor Frelsers Kirke, a famous Copenhagen landmark. The upper part of the staircase actually goes round the outside of the tower; this was too much for Inso, who retreated, although I found this section easier than the steep and narrow wooden steps inside.

Thanks to the flatness of the landscape,there were amazing views from the top:

So many spires!

Our next port of call was Christiania, a laid-back community with abundant drugs, dogs and graffiti. Although I was told there had recently been a police invasion and fighting, all was calm and touristy when we visited.

Graffiti in Christiania

By this time we were permitted to check in to our room cabin, so we headed back to the boat for very welcome showers and changes of clothes.

The plan for the evening was to head to a bar, but we first managed to leave Wardy behind among the commuter crush in the Metro, then discovered that the rest of us were travelling in the wrong direction. By the time we'd sorted it all out and were reunited, it seemed sensible to revise our plans. So we got a takeaway pizza and ate it on the deck of our boat, drinking supermarket booze and gazing across at the world's best restaurant.

Then to bed, in our spacious yet cosy six-berth cabin. I had the smallest bunk, but also access to the bookshelf. That's Nick sprawling beneath me.

Me and Nick enjoying our bunks

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