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Girls' night out

Football team curry last night. I was rather dreading it, as I was supposed to play in a match on Monday but was unable to go as the automatic gate to the Piano Studios car park wouldn't open. But it seemed all was forgiven.

I am proud to report that we were just as raucous as a lads' team would have been and probably talked about bras as much, just in a slightly different context.

I sat with a group of players I'd never actually met before, as I usually play in the 5-a-side games and they were in the 11-a-side league. But they were very nice and we got on well. Halfway through the meal we found out that they had been at St Peter's at the same time as I was at St Hugh's and we had more than likely played each other in college football matches.

Much hilarity when one of our number asked the waiter "Is the stuffed naan stuffed with...stuff?" The same individual later insisted on having every item on the vegetarian menu translated for her. When she was told that Matar Paneer was peas and cheese, everyone within earshot screamed "CHEESY PEAS!"

The best laugh of the evening, though, was when our coach, Phil, was handing out trophies. One of our fellow-diners came over and asked what the prize-giving was all about: "Is it Weight Watchers?"

In spite of everything the staff were extremely courteous and gave us a dhal on the house and Dawaat biros when we left. Food was great - there was a menu section devoted to Garlic Dishes, which suited me fine (I had Garlic Prawns). So that's Dawaat, 60-62 Brick Lane, currently 15% off any meal with a Total London voucher.

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