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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Old Friend

Guess what I saw on my way home from work yesterday? My old Vespa ET4, which I sold over a year ago!

I recognised the pawprint sticker on the top box, and the reg number confirmed it.

I pursued the rider all through New Cross so I could communicate the vital information that he was riding my old bike, but he was too speedy despite being on L plates and having 75cc less power than me.

It looked as though it had suffered a bash to the rear, but I was delighted to see it still running and back in its old stamping grounds.


aww, is this the Get Smart scooter? Hooray that it is on the road scooting along :D
I'm afraid I took the Get Smart stickers off before selling it, on the grounds that they wouldn't be to everyone's taste (plus, that was MY look!). I was pleased to see it, though - I suspected it would be ded by now because it wasn't in great shape when I got rid.
It ? Surely it must at least had a sex?
Oh, all right: she was called '99'!
I went all 'eeeeeeee!'

Ha! Thats so cool! I wonder what the odds of that happening was. Anyway, happy that you found it, probably really brought back memories