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Writer's Block: Live action hero

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Which is your favorite or least favorite comic book-turned-movie?

I liked the Disney Dick Tracy movie very much, and I have it on DVD. For a long time it was all the Dick Tracy I had apart from a couple of strips reprinted in the Penguin Book of Comics - which had been enough to make me a fan.

It had a decent plot, involved lots of classic villains, and had a wonderful cartoonish feel with big blocks of colour, simplified lines and stark black backgrounds.

1990? Was it really? Cripes.


1990 was a bostin' year for films. It was the year I went on holiday to Yarmouth, and I'm sure it was that year that the first Batman film turned up, and Roger Rabbit was around that time, and there were loads of other good ones that year.
Love Dick Tracy, except for Madonna. With the scene with her and Mandy Patinkin, it becomes clear that her role should have been played by Bernadette Peters, to tie up that Sondheim connection. But, yeah, the colors! And the shack bouncing back and forth with the fight inside!
I thought Madonna was OK, but then I was twelve!

I rate her Dick Tracy appearance more highly than anything she's done before or since...
Oh yeah, it was a big deal, wasn't it? My mind would have exploded if I'd been to Disney at the time!
Are you aware of the 1940s series of Dick Tracy films? There were 4, starting with this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Tracy_(1945_film)

Aware but haven't seen any! There were also radio serials; I have some in MP3 but they need sorting and titling and I havne't got round to it in 6 years...
Ooh. Is that Colm Meaney?
I had to look it up, but IMDB say yes!