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Hope's Huskies - Bunty cover

Fève Fever

At the French car boot sale (which they call a vide grenier, 'empty attic'), I found a stall with lots and lots of tiny china figurines. They obviously belonged in sets - there were Disney characters, cat breeds, famous people - and each had a title printed in capitals around a white base.

I didn't have very long to look but I couldn't help hoping there might be a husky. And behold!

My curiosity was sufficiently piqued for me to spend some time in the company of Messrs. Google and Wikipedia on my return. With their help, I've discovered that what I have is a fève, literally 'broad bean': a favour that would be baked into the King Cake on Twelfth Night for one lucky consumer to find. (I now remember reading about this tradition some years ago in The Happy Orpheline.)

Delightfully, if you collect fèves (I'm tempted now - there's an Inspector Gadget set!), you are a Favophile.



(Well, come on!)
That sounds almost dirty :p
Sweet though!