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Alice Street

Your Riots Tonight

I got a text message just before hometime yesterday to say that karate had been cancelled, presumably because of The Situation. So I went home, which was possibly my quickest commute ever - there was very little traffic on the roads.

This morning I visited the bike mechanic in Penge to have a new exhaust fitted to my scooter, and came in to work via Brixton. Lots of shops closed and shuttered; the Pay Day Loan place had its windows boarded but had made up for this by putting up balloons.

It seems as though London had a quiet night and the trouble has moved elsewhere. Sorry Bristol, Gloucester et al.


the Pay Day Loan place had its windows boarded but had made up for this by putting up balloons

Nice! Boards do make businesses look shut and unfriendly, so I think that's a top idea.
It was funny to see what was open and what was closed; there was a locksmith's open in a whole row of shut shops, presumably because business had never been so good.
I guess it would also be a poor advert for a locksmith:

Our products are so secure you.... oh, wait, better nail some boards up, too!
Good job they're not a glazier's.
There's a big patch of horrible wet weather up over Scotland. If it would just move a few hundred miles south...
That would be perfect!
Yes! This has been a running theme on a couple of weather forums I subscribe to. A full day and night of cold, wet, windy conditions would probably work wonders. Manchester, at least, may be quite wet today.
Oh, my eyes!! Ha, I need to update my pop culture references. I was thinking of this cartoon: