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In My Backyard

Yesterday morning, having returned late on Sunday night from a lovely weekend in France, I woke to breakfast news on Radio 2. The top story was about riots and I idly wondered which country they were in. Imagine my shock when the next thing I heard was 'West End'.

I stopped for shopping at the New Cross Sainsbury's on my way home last night. Although it was open, all the metal shutters were down and it looked horrible. Then two exits of the Loampit Hill roundabout were blocked by police vehicles, and I had to go home via Blackheath and Eltham (MY RIOT HELL).

Twitter said Bromley might be in the firing line and concerned friends sent me texts. I found it hard to believe - Bromley? Who'd riot in Bromley? Yet apparently they did.

I have not seen any rioting or looting with my own eyes, and my commute doesn't go through the town centre so I didn't check it out this morning. The number of sirens and helicopters heard last night seemed about average.

Very, very cross and disappointed at the moment with my 'hood, my country and my species.

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