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Plush Huskyteer

Can Anyone Lend Me A Child?

Because obviously I need to see a musical about a girl whose toy husky comes to life.

(I'm sure I can get in on my own just fine, really. However, if you think your child would like to see this, and you wouldn't, I volunteer my services.)


I needed to borrow a family to go and see "The Tiger Who Came To Tea" :(
Ooh, was it good? It's one of my favourite books!

Edited at 2011-08-09 09:57 am (UTC)
I will pretend to be your child!
Maybe............... :)

As long as you don't keep asking if we're there yet!
Oh goodness, The Child would love this. She is quite the husky fan.
It does sound pretty great!
It sounds fabulous. Presumably you're also not averse to borrowing a whole family?
I could do that, yes!
Um, not that I'm sure at this point that we can go, especially with J being younger than recommended and the child I'd expect to be interested.
Well, keep it in mind! (Wonder why there's a recommended minimum age? I can't imagine anything too scary happens.)