Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden


Five questions from st_crispins. If you'd like some questions I'll give it a bash, but I'm pretty dreadful at thinking them up so no promises.

1) If you could bring your cycle to the US, where would you ride it?

The Blue Ridge Parkway has been on my list of fantasy biking destinations for several years. I'm all about the scenery, and this is as good as it gets.

A lot of US riders on the Modern Vespa forum go on about the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, so I'd like to check that out too.

Since reading Peter S. Beagle's wonderful I See By My Outfit, I've longed to recreate his scooter ride from New York City to San Francisco by way of Las Vegas and the Painted Desert.

So many places to see! Can I go right now, please?

2) Are you glad you attended university and why?

Very glad indeed. It's funny, because I really, really hated school and wondered if letting myself in for four more years of education was the right thing to do. I soon found out that university is a different, and much more enjoyable, kettle of fish.

It was wonderful to be trusted to do the work, and to choose subjects I enjoyed; the scope of my course was wide and I studied Comparative Philology, Philosophy of Religion and Roman Comedy, amongst other things.

Before I went, my mum told me to make the most of university because never again would I meet so many people like me. This turned out to be very true, and I met several of my dearest friends during my course. (Curiously, although I found all of them through extra-curricular activities, many of them did the same course as me.)

To be fair, I escaped tuition fees by a couple of years and my parents helped me through university, so I didn't leave in debt. I might feel differently if I were still paying off my student loan like so many of my friends.

3) How does it feel to hang around with all us older MFU fans all these years?

I love it! I've always fancied myself as the plucky kid sidekick (see Dick Tracy Junior), and being the youngster of a group lets me indulge that fantasy.

In my impoverished student days, local MFU fans who already had such things as houses, cars and incomes were terribly, terribly nice to me and gave me dinner; I've never forgotten that, nor have I forgotten the kind advice given to me by older and wiser cousins on many occasions. 'Cousins' is such an apt term for U.N.C.L.E. fans; we really are a family.

4) Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Full-time writer of children's books and/or motorcycle journalist; owner of at least one cat and one dog; living in a close approximation of Austin Powers's bachelor pad.

5) Do you use any other social networking sites besides LJ and if you do, for what purposes?

I joined Twitter last year; I use it for those thoughts too short for a LiveJournal post, or I'll mention something briefly on Twitter and expand on LJ.

My original purpose in joining was to keep up with those friends who'd migrated from LiveJournal, but I soon found it was invaluable for finding out about events and special offers.

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