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Last night I went to an Art Exhibition! The Guild of Aviation Artists' Aviation Paintings of the Year exhibition at the Mall Galleries. I feel all cultured. (It runs until Sunday, if you're interested.)

I saw some pretty dreadful paintings early on, including one of the just-married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge driving up the Mall with a Sea King in the background (entitled 'Can I Borrow Your Car, Dad?') which made me worry the exhibition would be a bit of an embarrassment, but things quickly got better.

I was geeky enough to identify almost all the aeroplanes - which was lucky, as I didn't feel like forking out £5 for the catalogue. Every kind of aircraft was represented, from airliners to gliders and even balloons, in just about every medium. There were fewer Spitfires than I was expecting - by which I mean not quite every second painting was of a Spitfire - but the Vulcan, against a variety of backdrops, was a popular subject. Flying-boats were well-represented too, with three pictures of Canopus alone.

To my delight, there were plenty of aircraft from the Great War, and even a pencil illustration of a scene from Biggles Sweeps The Desert.

The vast majority of planes were British, but there were plenty of Germans and a sprinkling of other nationalities too. Yes, even Swedes!

Apologies for lousy cameraphone photos, but I didn't think to bring a proper camera and probably wouldn't have dared use it if I had.

My favourite of the many Vulcans, and a wonderfully nostalgic Lancaster with shire horses:

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. And I like this:

This too (it depicts the gallant last stand of Werner Voss):

Here's one I took specially for moth_wingthane:

IT'S A FRIGGIN' VIGGEN!! I was so excited I almost bought it on the spot:

(For less crappy images, search the GAVA gallery.)
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