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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Baby Huskyteers

Over on Twitter, orona_red linked to these adorable Arctic Fox kits.

I'm seriously considering a species change. I mean, does this little guy look like my avatar, or what?


What a cutie!
I was still recovering from the dingoes, too!
Aww - It's Brosnan as a wee ankle-biter!

Don't you just want to adopt one and keep it in your home?
Oh very much so! How cool would it be to have a pet dingo called "Aiden"?

That's an adorable puppy!
SO SWEET. I read a few years ago that Russian scientists were domesticating them. Hurry up, Russians!
Awwwww! His little fluffy ears and nosey-wose!
I am now classified legally dead.
That's adorable and I can see the resemblance, too.

Really wish my muse would come back as I have had a mildy-amusing picture idea featuring me and Wall-E.

Vulpines are undeniably more awesome. It's fact. :3
PS: Although I have just reminded myself that arctic foxes are not technically part of that latin genus. >:| *idiot-self*
That depends on who you ask, doesn't it? The Red List entry is under Alopex, but also mentions that some have placed it in Vulpes and Canes. I haven't read all the papers, so don't have a personal view on that.
That nose-pinkness can only lead to trouble. Have you ever tried getting lick-proof factor-50 sunblock?
I remember reading once that you should put sun cream on the ears of your white cat, and thinking 'whoever wrote that has never actually tried it'.
Ah! This explains the ultimate fate of Ernst Stavro Bloefeld: He died of an infection after getting scratched while applying sun-cream on the ears of his white cat.
Yes, he got a bad case of CAT SCRATCH FEVER!
He does! Are those really heterochromatic eyes, or is it just the camera angle?
The former, I think; there's another photo on the site showing them.
We approve.


Whole heartedly.
My heart is being stomped on by those adorably big fluffy paws right now.