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Mystery Parcels

Yesterday was annoying, as Mondays often are. But when I got home from work, it was to not one but two exciting packages of unknown origin and content.

Mystery Parcel 1 turned out to be a Nicholas Courtney commemorative issue of Doctor Who Magazine sent by my mum's cousin, with whom I've bonded in recent years since we discovered our mutual love of the Third Doctor and the Brigadier. I was super pleased and surprised.

Mystery Parcel 2 was even more mysterious, because it was an International Parcel of Mystery. All was revealed within: earlier than anticipated, it was my copy of No Predation Allowed, Volume 1 of the collected strips from ten years of the Suburban Jungle webcomic by LiveJournal's own the_gneech! (Volumes 2 and 3 are available on Amazon; I'm sure 1 will be along shortly.)

The Suburban Jungle is a long-running furry slice-of-life webcomic (or so it says on the TVTropes page, which I wrote) centred on aspiring actress/model Tiffany Tiger and her friends.

I'm a skinflint and I don't often fork out for a print version of something I can get for free on the web, but The Suburban Jungle has a special place in my heart. A lot of webcomics fall by the wayside because I can't be bothered to check them every day; with this one I swiftly became very attached to the characters and hooked on the storylines.

I opened the book to check the print quality, thinking a glance would suffice - after all, I'd read all this before. Then suddenly it was half-past eleven, which brings me nicely on to my favourite strip of all:


I never got into 'The Suburban Jungle', most likely because I didn't know it existed until 2005...
I had some catching up to do (I think I came in around 2002), but luckily not too much - I get disheartened when I have to wade through a decade's worth of back catalogue.
Same here.

Pawnote: I met The Gneech at ConFuzzled. He's a nice chap :)

Edited at 2011-07-12 11:47 am (UTC)
I hope to run across him myself, one of these days!
Likewise, I never quite got into Suburban Jungle, but di get well lost in Ozzie & Millie, and my bookshelves attest to its hold on me. I likewise received an international package from Amazon yesterday, a mite earlier than expected, and containing the complete "ReBoot" DVD set. Not quite sure what these fixations say about me, though...
My very lovely Computer Studies A/S Level teacher used to show Reboot for the last lesson of term!

I am envious of your Ozzie & Millie collection, especially the prints.
Now I'm feeling old. I had to set the video to catch its after-school slot so I could watch it after work. ;) It's interesting watching the early episodes how much more I now spot the flaws in the animation and modelling.
We were at least older than the target audience at this point :)

The same teacher announced in the last class before Christmas that we were going to watch a documentary about robotics, and put on The Wrong Trousers.
Heh! Good choice! :)
I'm not sure of what's where in the collections, so you may or may not have some work in there I did to re-colour the main part of a year's worth of comics that had lost their colour versions. In two weeks, so The Gneech could get it to the printers.
Gosh, was that you? Nice one!
It was helped by being able to use the low res colour strips from the website. But it wasn't just as easy as overlaying the one on the other.
And an excellent job he did of it, too! :)

Thanks for the plug! :D

Can't hurt, can it? :) You're more than welcome - thanks for all the entertainment!
That's a favourite strip of mine. I got into SJ when I moved to Southampton and found the first volume in the communal books area. Caught up with the rest on the website.

Going back to that strip a moment, that was pretty much me this time last year! ;-)

It is a Universal Truth!
My International Parcel of Mystery came yesterday too. Haven't had time to do more than glance at it because of last night's gig, but intend to rectify this today. Did read Gneech's memoir at the end of the last volume, though, and found it both informative and touching.
I will have to pick up Volumes 2 and 3 soonest!