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Glorious blood

I am not a good person. True, I have not yet raped, murdered or embezzled anyone and I kill cute furry animals only indirectly. But these negatives do not make a positive and it's rare that I get the chance to feel genuinely proud of myself.

This is why I give blood.

It costs nothing but time, yet what you do give is far more precious and personal than any cash donation. I know some of my readership can't give blood for various reasons, but if you can or you aren't sure do please click on the [frankly disturbing] image above and find out more about how, where, why and what.

If you're curious about the procedures involved you could do far worse than read jiggery_pokery's excellent description. I can add only that I am an abject snivelling coward, and if I can cope with having a needle poked into my left arm and watching my lifeblood siphon off into something resembling a colostomy bag, you probably can too.
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