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I Kissed A Goat (And I Liked It)

On Sunday I went somewhere I hadn't been for at least fifteen years: Chessington World of Adventures, in the fine company of yagfox, yarwick, balto_mike and gaz_a (if I have correctly matched username with person there).

Chessington's rides are fairly tame and child-friendly, thus about my level. The only one that didn't agree with me was Dragon's Fury, a roller coaster whose cars also rotate. I shut my eyes five seconds in, opened them five seconds before the end, and emerged drenched in fear-sweat.

I loved everything else, though. Rattlesnake! Runaway Train! Vampire - the brilliant suspended coaster that swoops over other park patrons so you can scream at them!

I was a little disappointed that the former Professor Burp's Bubble Works is now sponsored by Imperial Leather and themed around bubble bath rather than fizzy drinks, thus putting paid to the fart jokes, but it's still a fun and surreal cruise (and I got to put up my umbrella in the wet bits for added comedy).

We had all been disappointed on arrival to learn that the one outdoor water ride, Dragon Falls, wasn't operating, but it opened again in the afternoon (and then closed for a bit, and people were evacuated from the top, and then it opened again). Five adults is maximum capacity for the boats, and we were rather low in the water, which made for some spectcular splashes - especially if you're sitting at the front because you're the shortest.

Afterwards yagfox and I went on the monorail and explored the zoo, while the others had a rematch with the Vampire.

All the animals were rather somnolent, including this polecat (photo by Yag):

and some warm, sleepy goats in the children's zoo, which let me cuddle and stroke and, yes, kiss them.

We exited in a leisurely fashion, so that the park - and car park - were almost empty by the time we removed ourselves. A packed and pawsome day after which I was thoroughly knackered.
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