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Don Quixote

Control Your Pronouns

katstevens mentioned The Dumas Club recently, and I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of something so clearly up my street.

I ordered it from the library, picked it up on Saturday and have been engrossed ever since. It's like a socially acceptable Da Vinci Code, with characters you actually care about.

I would, however, like to draw attention to the following:
He never even saw her breasts, although he did manage to touch them a couple of times, dense, warm, abundant flesh beneath the bra, silk shirt and jacket. In the heat of the fray, Liana Taillefer hadn't had time to remove them. And now there they were, the two of them, still tangled up in each other, amongst a mess of crumpled clothes, and breathless, like two exhausted wrestlers.

To be fair, the novel is translated from Spanish. But I initially read that passage as if all instances of 'they' referred to the breasts, with...interesting results.


Oh that is excellent! Removable breasts! Want!
Don't you hate it when your breasts get all tangled up?
Indeed I do; there should be some kind of support group.
Personally I hate it when my breasts get out of breath!

Glad yr enjoying it dude!

Ta for the rec!
I've long felt humans ought to be more.. snap-fit. Shiny wouldn't hurt, either. ^_^
I could go for that, yeah!
That quote belongs in Thog's Corner in Ansible...
Help yourself!