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Plush Huskyteer

Picture Books About Three-Headed Dogs

My homework from last week's Writing for Children class was to make a picture book, bearing in mind all we had learned about length, style and content.

Here is my effort, and one reader at least should be pleased by the subject matter:

I worked on it while spending the weekend at my mum's, and she kept looking over my shoulder and laughing. (She says it's brilliant, but of course she is contractually obliged to.)

I was going to share more of my three-headed dog pictures, but they're pencil and don't scan well. Really - hello drawing chums! - I envisage it illustrated in the style of a Greek vase, with black figures on earth tones.

I can't wait to find out what Teacher has to say - and what everyone else has come up with.
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Pencil is a nightmare to scan. I think the light reflects off some sorts of lead, so the scanner sees it as an almost entirely blank page. Still... I do like the cover. The dogheads look nicely cheerful and friendly, which is perfect for a kids book of course, and it seems like a unique idea too. (I don't know of any other kids books that feature a 3 headed dog!) So hopefully it'll get a good mark!!
Thanks! The subject matter was inspired by an LJ friend's daughter...and by the fact that I can only draw dogs.
It sounds wonderful - do the heads argue?
Here is my effort, and one reader at least should be pleased by the subject matter

One reader thinks it is very cute and would like to see the rest!
I'll see what I can do!
Me too please. ;)
I'd be more than happy to see that in the children's section of WH Smith -- it looks like fun!
I'd be very happy too - thanks!
Your mum is right, though. I'd definitely buy a book about a three headed dog.
It's certainly an under-represented genre.
Yay for three-headed-dogs!

I love drawing Cerberus. :D He and the Chimaera are two of my fave mythical beasties.
I love the idea of three faces with three different expressions on the same dog! And playful ideas like puppy Cerberus.