Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Been There, Verdun That 1: Friday

I spent the Bank Holiday weekend, plus Friday and Tuesday, around Verdun looking at First World War sites. Howard and I travelled out by Eurotunnel on Friday morning, meeting the rest of our party at our hotel in the evening.

On the way I had a pâté and gherkin baguette which was hands down the nicest thing I have ever eaten at a motorway petrol station, and later a meringue from a village baker's which I thought would be nice and light but turned out to be coated in and filled with chocolate cream, oh what a pity.

Around teatime the speedometer on my borrowed scooter packed up, but by now I'm so used to my vehicles falling to bits the instant they cross the Channel that I didn't take much notice.

The hotel directed us to a nearby restaurant which would be our haunt every evening except for Sunday, when it was closed. I'm pretty sure I dined on shark. Why do I know the French for 'shark'? Because it's in Tintin.

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