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Cake and Veg

On Saturday afternoon I attended slemslempike's birthday tea at Bea's of Bloomsbury (St Paul's branch). There were lovely people, and lovely cake, which is all I could ask from an afternoon. Little sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, assorted cupcakes and a cakestand with mini meringues, brownie bites and raspberry marshmallow (rather strange and wobbly).

Kick-off was at 3PM and we stayed chatting and nibbling until six, when I excused myself because, er, I was going out to dinner.

Dinner was with scooter forum friends at 222, a vegan restaurant in in Fulham.

The staff were clearly not used to serving eleven boisterous bikers, and got flustered, but they were very nice, as was my pumpkin and squash risotto.

I didn't have a starter, because of all the cake, but I did have pudding. There may be a logical flaw there, yes.

I chose ice cream. Of my three scoops, both raspberry and chocolate were a bit powdery but the blueberry was so delicious I could have eaten a vat of it. More data needed before I pass judgement on vegan ice cream as a whole.

Sunday was a karate class and a burst water pipe, not a happy combination. The emergency plumber arrived at 6, turned off the tiny tap that feeds the water filter and left at 6:15 having charged us £80. Hurray for renting, for once - and for eventually getting a post-karate shower.
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