Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Fitzrovia Radio Hour

I was aware, last year, of the giant upside-down purple cow on the South Bank, but nothing in the programme appealed to me so I didn't visit.

On Wednesday, however, I went to see these fine chaps make a live recording of several thrilling stories complete with sound effects, interspersed with advertisements for calming Clipstone Ceylon Tea.

My favourite item was 'Nazi Firemen in Westminster', in which plucky schoolboys Dicky and Tommy (played by the two female members of the cast) foil a dastardly plot with the aid of their Swiss Army knives. We also enjoyed detective George Albion solving a series of botanical murders, the horror of 'The House of Clocks', and a fast-paced drama set in a Cornish tin mine.

They're on again on June 19th - recommended.
Tags: plays

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