Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

7-8: Prayssac, Lascaux II

We didn't do much on the day following our four-hour-each-way drive to Biscarrosse. Towards late afternoon we drove into the countryside near Prayssac and looked at some cows, who looked back:

The next day was our last at Malbernat, and we spent it having one of the classic tourist experiences of the area: visiting Lascaux.

I'd wanted to see the famous cave paintings ever since I read about them in the novelisation of Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters; Howard had slightly more scholarly reasons.

I didn't realise that the paintings we'd see were reproductions made after the caves were closed to the public (exposure was damaging the pictures), and I was prepared to be disappointed, but I wasn't.

Every bump and bulge of the cave wall, used by the artists to add relief to their images, had been recreated in cement, and the paintings copied using paint and tools as close as possible to the originals. Even the temperature in the cave is accurate.

We had a tour in English from a guide who pointed out the various creatures and their possible significance: "And if you don't like this theory, imagine something different, and maybe you are right!"

On the way back we visited the Old Prune Distillery.

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