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Closure...I guess

An e-mail from Revelation Films:
First of all, sorry for using your notes, but in our defence [the person] who researched the extras for me, did leave a message saying that
she wanted to use them. When we didn't get a response we assumed it was okay
to go ahead. Sorry. We will probably use them again on the next disk so I'll
credit your website then if that's okay? I'll also send you the comp prizes
as promised. I will get [person] to speak to our webmasters about putting a
link up at our site for you.

Needless to say I saw no message, or I would have been bragging about it all over the shop. But I have an apology of sorts and a promise of goodies, so I'm happyish.

Oh: Willy Fog in June and I'm getting a press preview copy, so wardy, tktiger et al will have to be extra nicely nice to me for the next month :)
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