Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

5: Cahors

Another day when we didn't roam far. This time we visited Cahors, home of France's most-photographed bridge. To ensure it stays that way, here's a photo.

We also visited the Museum of the Resistance, the Deportation and the Liberation. The three themes had a floor each; the ground floor was all about the occupation of France, while the second level had some horrific stuff about the fate of French undesirables in concentration camps. I thought the Belsen Experience at the Imperial War Museum had inured me to further shocks, but no. Who on earth thought that tattooing babies could possibly make you the Good Guys?

Luckily the top floor (Liberation) turned out to be mostly model aeroplanes, which cheered me up.

In the evening we had a romp with the lovely Bess and her two inexhaustible fox terrier friends.

Ice cream flavour of the day: Caramel 'Fleur de Sel'.

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