Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

One Of A Kind

Because of the wet and salty winter, and because Vespa exhausts are made of cheese, my GT200's pipe had been getting progressively noisier and rustier.

A friend from the Vespa forum kindly donated her old exhaust, which was surplus to requirements following an upgrade. My plan was to whack some high-temperature paint on it to delay the inevitable rusting for a little longer.

By coincidence, around this time I received an email from Mr Fastner with a clearance offer on high-temperature paint in red or yellow.

What do red and yellow make?


What's my scooter's 'accent colour'?


It's a bit of a sloppy job, but a) I like it and b) no bugger's going to steal it (another forum friend went outside one morning and found her entire exhaust missing).
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