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Yesterday evening took an unexpected turn when I bumped into atommickbrane just off Soho Square and was whisked away to yet another excellent nou-arranged Chinese meal.

While we waited for kickoff, we paid a visit to the Trocadero to play DDR. When I'd admitted defeat and Sarah was having a solo expert game, I found one of those machines that takes 2p pieces, shuffles them along and dispenses other 2p pieces along with small prizes. Among the goodies on offer were little plastic scooters.

I got myself 20p's worth of tuppences from a change machine and starting dropping them down the slot in what I imagined was a strategic fashion.

I won some 2ps, and a plastic pig, and some more 2ps and a plastic sheep. Then I ran out of 2ps and dispatched Sarah to get me some more while I guarded my station.

Finally, finally, the machine disgorged my scooter.

And some more 2ps.

Offsetting my losses with my winnings, I paid 22p for ten minutes' entertainment plus a sheep, a pig and a scooter. Not bad!

(Please overlook the crumbs in my keyboard.)
Tags: games, scooters
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