Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

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Technology Fail

On Friday I purchased mrs_leroy_brown's iPod Touch, because the screen on my button-wheel iPod is no longer readable, turning it into a giant Shuffle.

This morning I plugged the new beast in to my G5 iMac, which is running Tiger (OS X 10.4.11). It didn't show up. I checked Apple's help section and learned that iPod Touches need 10.5.8 and above.

Then I tried to charge it using the mains charger from my old iPod, and a message flashed up on the screen to say charging with this accessory was not supported.


And XJournal is failing to connect with LiveJournal.

And and, everything I post to Twitter today is appearing twice. I have no idea if this is the fault of Twitter, Safari, Virgin Media or wrathful gods, but it can cut it right out.

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