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Ready Steady Goat

I have had wardy to stay for the weekend, and we have done Stuff. Lots of it.

On Saturday morning we headed to hip and happening Shoreditch by overground to see an exhibition of Syd Barrett's artwork plus rare early photos of Pink Floyd.

There were early art college works, touching illustrated letters to girlfriends, and impressionistic landscapes and flowers from Syd's later years. These last were very pretty, but it was clear from the accompanying notes that there wasn't much going on upstairs chez Barrett at the time. Sad.

After a spot of vintage clothes shopping at Rokit (I bought dungarees!) and a bagel at the Brick Lane Beigel Bake, we strolled across to Spitalfields City Farm.

In honour of the Boat Race, the farm was holding a Goat Race and a Stoat Race. We had to leave before the goats but caught the stoats, which were actually ferrets rebranded for the day.

The Oxford ferret was much bolder than his competitor, and about twice the size, and romped comfortably home down his plastic pipe while Cambridge stopped in the middle of his and had to be coaxed and shaken out. Hurrah!

As Wardy had recently had a birthday, in the evening we ate with a choice selection of guests at Tamasha in Bromley. Heartily recommended for pricey but mouthwatering Indian food and interesting decor. They also brought Wardy a birthday dessert and a turban. Alas, he wasn't allowed to keep the latter.

At the start of the meal shep_shepherd, who had driven over, asked me if he could stay the night in order to have a worry-free drink. I couldn't refuse an appeal like that.

Sunday was a sunny day spent wandering through Bromley's park and shopping centre. Shep and Wardy left around 5 and I went to sleep for a bit. Guests are tiring!

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