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Last night I went here with nou, atommickbrane and hoshuteki.

nou Knows Stuff about Chinese food, and we were happy to sit back and let her select the dishes with occasional input on things we especially liked or loathed.

The big selling point of the evening was the promise of jellyfish on the menu. I didn't know what to expect but I was determined to give it a shot.

In fact the jellyfish, in transparent strips served with shredded chicken in a hot, orangey sauce, was lovely: slightly crunchy, slightly chewy, and an experience much more of texture than flavour.

We also had Tiger Salad and Mao's Pork (which is red). My usual inclination to order things with funny or pleasing names serves me well again.

While we were eating, my bessie mate texted me a picture of the jelly she'd made from this book, which I gave her for her birthday. I was greatly pleased.

atommickbrane and I seized the opportunity to play a little Pokémon before and after the meal. We traded some mons, I had my ass handed to me in battle twice, and we discovered that if you put Dewott in the Pokémon Musical wearing the Frilly Apron accessory, he looks as if he's fiddling with himself.

But really, the point of this post is that I ate a jellyfish and I liked it.
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