Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Wasn't It A Lovely Night?

Last night I went to see the Decemberists, having been persuaded along by insofox, and having in turn persuaded eldabion.

With two gigs under my belt, one album purchased and the latest one listened to a great deal on Spotify (and I'll buy it soon, honest), I should probably stop classifying the Decemberists as 'band insofox likes' and instead file them under 'band I like'.

Long-term fans prefer the earlier albums; I find them a bit tedious, and I also (ssh!) think live favourite 'The Mariner's Revenge' is too drawn-out and the joke too laboured.

On my previous gig-going outing, however, I was blown away by the start-to-finish performance of their then latest, The Hazards of Love, and had to rush out and buy the next day.

I loved the now latest, The King Is Dead, straight away - especially the ones that sound like R.E.M, Bob Dylan and Dire Straits respectively, and the one with my boyfriend's surname in the title.

I like their peculiar mixture of the traditional and the weird. The first song on The Hazards of Love kicks off 'My true love went riding out, in white and green and grey', but it's clear very quickly that this isn't going to be trad folk.

I'm also a sucker for clever rhymes and unexpected words, so I'm easily pleased by couplets like 'Meet me on my vast verandah /
My sweet, untouched Miranda'.

Last night was the most fun I've had at a gig for ages. Ceremonies opened with a message from the Mayor of Oregon encouraging us to introduce ourselves to our neighbours then pay them a compliment.

The frontman dealt with heckling by pretending he couldn't understand British accents, then, when someone requested 'Freebird!', replied:

"Oh, have you picked the wrong band. We are charter members of MACOF - Musicians Against Calling Out Freebird - and we will see to it that your kind is wiped out!"

And it only took me 45 minutes to get home to Bromley from Hammersmith, because for once I went the right way. A lovely night indeed!
Tags: gigs

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