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Always ready to fight or to sing

Finally got my DVD of Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds yesterday. Nine episodes of anthro cavalier doggy bliss, as fresh as the day they first appeared on Children's BBC.

It's the special features, though, that really make the DVD worth having. So informative! So well-written! So amusing!

So totally ripped off from my website!

Word for word. Even my bad jokes, like Juliette's breed being 'fox'. (A joke I myself pinched from the Reduced Shakespeare Company's Complete Bible.) Even comments that really shouldn't be on what purports to be a kids' DVD (Mummy, what does 'illegitimate offspring' mean?).

I am a little upset by this. Would it have been so very hard to drop me an e-mail asking permission to reproduce my material - permission I would gladly have granted? To give me a credit, perhaps a web link? Did they not think that the webmaster of a Dogtanian website might possibly buy the DVD and recognise their own work?

What really stings is that anyone who buys the DVD first and is then inspired to google for Dogtanian will assume that I am the plagiarist.

An e-mail to the company responsible is in the works, tone: polite but wounded. I don't want to get in a big fight with these people - they have given us Dogtanian on DVD, something for which the civilised world has been crying out. But if that fails...well, one of the good things about going to Oxford is at least two of your friends will become lawyers...

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