Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Meeting Mr Masuda

I learned last week through the magic of Twitter that the Oxford Street branch of Game would be hosting a special event for the launch of Pokémon Black/White: a rare chance to have one's copy of the new game, or anything else, signed by Japanese designers Mr Masuda and Mr Sugimori, plus the opportunity to download a pass which lets you snag a legendary Pokémon later in the game.

atommickbrane and I agreed to meet at the ridiculously early hour of 8AM for breakfast at the Nordic Bakery before heading to Game.

I left home at 7, parked at 7:45, and was suddenly struck by the realisation that I had left my wallet in my karate bag, in my bedroom, the night before.

This never happens to me. I am as a rule super-organised and in control at all times.

I cursed as I contemplated all my plans for the day going down the loo, starting with my plan to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.

Fortunately atommickbrane was kind enough to sub me for not only coffee but Pokémon, after laughing at me and calling me a doofus as was her lawful right.

We arrived on Oxford Street at ten to nine. Masuda and Sugimori were scheduled to be signing between 9 and 10, and the queue was already round the block. Pretty girls in Pokémon T-shirts passed among us handing out stickers as we shivered, stamped our feet and made Pokémon small talk with our fellow-geeks.

While in the queue I managed to break both one of the badges on my bike jacket and my watch (a very beloved James Bond Swatch I've been wearing since 2002), so along with the wallet that's probably all my bad luck for the day out of the way.

After 45 minutes in the queue and the purchase of the game itself, the actual meeting and signing was quite rushed; we were urged forward, the items we'd brought to sign were whipped from our hands, then we were chivvied out of the door.

One nice thing that happened: a member of staff who'd been at the Hamleys event on Saturday (not the one I hugged) recognised us and said how nice it was to see us again.

Oh, how I now want to catch Pokémon instead of working!
Tags: pokemon

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