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Great excitement on Saturday, as atommickbrane and I attended a Pokémon Event at Hamleys in order to catch Celebi, a Legendary critter not available through normal gameplay.

Hamleys' basement was crowded with adults and children, but we managed to sneak a preview play of Pokémon Black/White (coming out this Friday OMG) before asking a member of staff how to obtain our Celebi.

He said: "Well, have to give me a hug!"

(I think he may have been LYING. But he was quite cute, so whatever.)

I was very impressed by the advances in wireless Pokémon-nabbing technology; some years ago (in fact, I believe it was 2000 - my goodness) I went to a similar event at Bluewater to have Mew put on my Pokémon Yellow cartridge, and had to queue for an hour and a half before my Game Boy Color was plugged into the Mew distribution unit. On Saturday all that was required was turning on my DS and selecting 'Mystery Gift' from the opening menu in Pearl.

A less permanent souvenir of my visit was this Oshawott the face-painting lady temporarily tattooed on my arm - thanks to Sarah for hanging around while this was accomplished despite the pressing call of hunger:

He was much admired at silvante's birthday dinner later.
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