Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

All The News That's Too Long For Twitter

I spent my weekend at callmemadam's (happy birthday! and thank you for the virtual gift!).

I got thoroughly rained on while travelling down on Friday night, and even more so going back on Sunday evening, but the Saturday in between was gloriously sunny.

We had an outing to Blandford Forum and its many fine charity shops, along my favourite road in all the world, the B3082 from Wimborne that goes past Badbury Rings. I was allowed to drive and took the opportunity to practise left-foot braking as recommended for automatics by Honest John in the Telegraph's motoring section.

On Saturday evening I cooked chicken scallopine - with many thanks to happy_eaters for the recipe, which has been a winner every time so far.

Meanwhile, over at Husky Airways, I have purchased my own biplane and painted it blue and orange. Yay!

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