Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

2010 In Writing

Last year, rather than resolutions, I wrote up a set of writing goals for the year in a private LJ entry post-dated to 31/12/10 so it would always appear at the top of my LJ and remind me what I was supposed to be doing.

As the year has ended and the post is rapidly receding down, I'll reproduce those goals here.

  • Submit 3 stories to The People's Friend
    Done, all rejected. PF style is deceptively difficult, but I'll crack it one day. Rejection letters are prompt and suggest that someone actually reads the stuff they're sent.
  • Submit story to Commando
    Done. I was astonished to learn that Commando was still commissioning new stories and eager to have a go. I worked hard on a story outline, which was rejected in a lovely, detailed critique; editor was encouraging and I'll try again.
  • Finish [children's book #1]
    Done, edited, peer-reviewed by some trusted friends.
  • Submit [children's book #1] to literary agents
  • Attend Mystery Writing course, 06/03/10
    Done. An easy one, requiring only that I part with cash and turn up.
  • Start working seriously on [children's book #2]
    Started working seriously, decided I'm bored with it, currently rearranging plot to something more satisfactory.
  • Finish [children's book #2]
    Not yet.
  • Furry erotica
    What? I wanted to see if I could. Done, and it's on if you really want to go looking for it.
  • Submit 3 stories to
    Submitted one, it was accepted. They're not taking submissions at the moment but I will try again.
  • Attend Writing for Children course, 06/11/10
    Done. Again, required only money and time.
  • Radio sitcom pilot script
    Not done. This one was always a bit optimistic.

Other things I've done include: acquiring a bookshelf of reference works, keeping a spreadsheet of what I'm writing and submitting, and buying a box file to keep my portfolio in (currently two motorcycle magazines are nestling at the bottom, looking lonely). My thinking is that if I start behaving like a proper writer, the universe might start to treat me as one.

This year's goals? 'Make a list' would probably be a start...

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