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New Traditions

Christmas, if you have a happy childhood, is something you don't ever want to change. Obviously my Christmases of the last few years have been a bit different, but some of the changes have been pleasant ones.

For one thing, the thatched cottage to which my mum moved shortly before Christmas 2008 is a delightful place to be for the festive season: cosy, warm and, this year, surrounded by picturesque snow.

Howard joined us for Christmas dinner on the 25th (which occurs at lunchtime in our household) and stayed until Boxing Day. That was a first and a very welcome one.

Here is our silver tinsel tree, formerly my Grandma's, surrounded by an astounding quantity of gifts. The small presents on the tree are traditionally opened on Boxing Day to soften the blow of Christmas being over; it's fun finding tiny items to wrap, like doing a stocking.

I do like to gloat over the presents I received, but I'm aware it might make me look a bit of a breadhead. So, there's a list under the cut which you can click or not, as you wish.

  • A set of cheese knives
  • An Avro Lancaster mug and Pink Floyd The Wall keyring from wardy
  • So many items from my Amazon wishlist that it's shrunk to a mere two pages
  • Bookends made from old vinyl 45s
  • Long Way Down (deluxe edition) from Howard, who then bagsied it for the afternoon
  • Two cuddly meerkats, one from my auntie and uncle and the other from bigpupdiary
  • Wind-up racing meerkats and a meerkat puzzle from raja_laba_laba and le_loup_peint (there's a theme emerging here)
  • True Grit (the novel)
  • A spork
  • Orange socks
  • A colour-changing light-up polar bear
  • A tin containing sewing thread
  • A brooch shaped like a typewriter, with a Douglas Adams quote on
  • Mints in a little tin with a picture of Hello Kitty riding a scooter

Another welcome tradition of recent years is the Boxing Day evening curry my bessie mate organises for those of her friends who are going stir-crazy after 48 hours in the bosoms of their families. This year four of us made our way to the Wimborne Tandoori, where we stuffed ourselves with poppadoms, curry, rice and naan and were considering pudding until I pointed out that one of the frozen desserts pictured on the menu looked uncannily like a vulva. I should hire myself out to dieters.

What I'm trying to say is, I had a lovely, lovely Christmas and I hope you guys did too. Virtual hugs for all!
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