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A Christmas Show

On Saturday I braved the several litres of frozen water that had dropped out of the sky earlier and ventured into central London to see Season's Greetings at the National Theatre.

I had to get a bus to Lewisham, where the departure boards were advising passengers 'Please endeavour to complete your journey by 10PM'.

All eight members of our theatregoing party had made it, and I think we all enjoyed the play. Alan Ayckbourn, black comedy, 1970s - the perfect pre-Christmas treat,as an extended family squabbles, gets drunk, teeters on the brink of adultery and prepares for the annual torture that is Uncle Bernard's puppet show.

It was a very as-seen-on-TV cast, most interesting of whom to me was Catherine Tate. If ever a woman was born to act in retro domestic comedies, it was she - I'd love to see her in Abigail's Party or similar.

10:30PM at Waterloo East and there appeared to be no actual timetable in operation, just a pot luck system. But a Lewisham-bound train rolled up eventually and I was carried home through snowy SE.

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