Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Peace, Goodwill and Fists of Steel

Last night was the last Tuesday karate class of the year, and Sensei gleefully promised us all a black eye for Christmas.

We had a 'fun' warmup, with 'Siamese press-ups' - performed with an arm around a partner's shoulder, so you're each pressing up one-handed - and a wheelbarrow race in which I drew the short straw and found myself propelled across the floor by Sensei himself.

Then it was punchup time. We sat in a circle, taking it in turns to stand in the middle and spar. Then a third person would be sent into the ring, making it two against one, then a fourth person for three on one action. It was fun, if exhausting, to participate, and hilarious to watch.

Afterwards we repaired to a nearby pub. This was nice - although I see my classmates almost every week, we don't usually socialise.

We parted with hugs and good resolutions for our karate in 2011.
Tags: karate

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