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Miami Vs Jim Morrison's Naughty Bits

Today I am rather excited about Jim Morrison's penis.

So what else is new? you ask.

In 1969, the Doors were performing in Miami when their lead singer allegedly unzipped his fly and waved his tackle at the audience. The band's tour ended prematurely and Morrison was convicted of indecent exposure.

Over forty years later, he may receive an official pardon.

Predictably, I have always been on the Doors' side on this one. It's easy to think you saw something you didn't, especially at a gig where the atmosphere's charged and it's hard to see the performers properly. Just look at all the things Frank Zappa didn't do on stage. And who wouldn't want to believe that they had seen the Lizard King's willy?

Besides, Jim, or at least his stage persona, was a showy, extroverted geezer. If he really had got his cock out, he'd have been all hell yeah I got my cock out. After all, he never denied shouting that he wanted to fuck his mother at the Whisky a Go Go.

Edit: You can now support Jim Morrison's willy on Twitter. Yes, I have entirely too much free time:

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