Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

It Is Rocket Science!

My plan for yesterday evening was to do the shopping, clean out the gerbils and decorate the Christmas tree.

Then mykreeve asked if I would like to partake of his spare ticket to see It Is Rocket Science! being recorded for Radio 4. Figuring that you only live once, and cleaning the gerbils out is not the stuff that memories are made of, I assented.

After a chilly wait outside Broadcasting House while the people ahead of us had their bags checked, we were herded into the theatre and ended up at the far right of the front row.

The show's cheerful and energetic producer bounded on stage to enthuse us and point out the fire exits. Myk and I looked at each other aghast when he announced that we would be recording 'all four' episodes, then sighed with relief to hear that each episode was 15 minutes long.

What followed was a series of four short lectures on the space programme, narrated with breathless excitement and many jokes by Helen Keen, and accompanying silly accents from Peter Serafinowicz as The Voice Of Space.

I'm a sucker for the humorous presentation of interesting facts, and the evening tied nicely in with my recent reading of Andrew Smith's Moondust, so I was on the edge of my seat and hopefully delivering a decent payload of laughs into the microphones above.

At the end there were a few retakes for which we dutifully relaughed. Then some science geek in the audience put his hand up and corrected a use of 'metres per second' when it should have been 'metres per second per second', so that bit was redone too. A sustained burst of applause over the end credits, and the entertainment was at an end.

The show will be broadcast some time in January, and is definitely worth four quarter-hour instalments of your time.

As I rode home via Regent Street and Trafalgar Square, I reflected that there can be few places more enchanting than London after dark in December. The lights on Regent Street this year are sponsored by Disney's Narnia: star-shaped webs of lights strung from shop to shop, and the floating disembodied head of Aslan wishing you a merry Christmas.

The gerbils will have to wait till tomorrow.

Poor gerbils.

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