Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Winter Weekend

I spent my weekend in Dorset, travelling down by train on South West Trains' 'Special' Snow Timetable (which meant changing at Bournemouth and taking an extra half hour to arrive).

Most of Saturday was spent helping Howard move things from his office to his home, in torrential rain, but we managed to fit in lunch at the Tank Museum. They were having a 'Wartime Christmas Weekend', which meant spam fritters in the restaurant (we snagged the last ones) and a craft fair in the museum, with homespun gifts displayed dangling from large-calibre guns.

This morning I pushed my scooter up the ice rink that is my street to the clear main road, with calgor standing by on the other side in case it or I fell over. Despite having been under several inches of snow since last Monday night, it started fine after some grumbling and whinging.

calgor has set up the Christmas tree ready for me to decorate, so that's tonight's little job.

Our recycling box on Friday morning:

Seen in the Tank Museum car park. I can hear shep_shepherd yowling in agony from here:

Fair Trade bags with tank:

Finally, Corfe Castle in the mist, taken on Sunday:

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