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Break Out The Christmas Husky Icon

I spent my weekend in Havant with raja_laba_laba and le_loup_peint.

Visiting the Christmas Fair in Portsmouth then going home to decorate the tree and watch festive movies has become a tradition for us and a sign that the holiday season is fast approaching.

We're getting pretty good at the Christmas Fair by now; this year we worked out a superefficient route which allowed us to do everything we wanted to do and be out by 2PM.

As usual, we all spotted potential gifts for each other and there was a lot of I'M JUST GOING OVER THERE TO DO SOMETHING STAY HERE DON'T FOLLOW ME DON'T LOOK.

And we all went on the roundabout, which was the lovely old-fashioned kind with 'So-and-So's Golden Galloping Horses' written around the top. I selected a rooster so I could make jokes about riding a big pink cock.

Chimney-sweeps, rat-catchers and prostitutes swished about in Victorian dress, real snowflakes mingled with the output from the snow machines, and I was grateful for a cup of mulled cider.

Home with our bags o'loot, we watched Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol and I wondered aloud if there was any Scrooge/Marley slash out there (oh, guys? I found some), followed by National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation which is becoming a tradition all by itself.

The Christmas decorations came out of the box and I marvelled as always at the number of wolf-themed baubles Louvé has collected. Tree decked and admired, Chinese food eaten, dog played with, time for bed.

I'd be lying if I said it was only the two-legged animals who enticed me down to Havant. Jynge, the tabby tom who will soak up as much affection as you can give him, slept on my bed all Saturday night, while Tala bigpupdiary loved having a new person to romp around with and gave me many kisses.

The first presents have been wrapped, the first card written, and I ate my first mince pie over a month ago. Bring it on!

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