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Nothing To See Here, Please Disperse

A few months ago, mykreeve rang me with the exciting news that Leslie Nielsen would be giving a talk at the NFT - would I, perchance, like him to book tickets?

When the great day dawned, alas, Myk received an email to say that the actor had had a fall in his hotel room. He was unhurt but shaken, and wouldn't be taking the stage that evening.

I was bitterly disappointed, especially as I suspected this might be my last chance to see Mr Nielsen in the flesh.

I was right.

I thought he was wonderfully funny, awfully good-looking, and well-deserving of his unexpected fame after decades of hard graft. When asked my favourite film, I always name The Naked Gun because it makes me laugh hysterically every time, even if I'm feeling absolutely dreadful.

I wish I'd written to tell him so.
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