Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Day 14: 269 Miles

"Wake up! It's quarter to breakfast!" I insisted the next morning, having suffered greatly from night starvation.

Breakfast for two had been laid out in the hotel dining-room - we were the only guests - and we devoured pretty much everything. Afterwards I walked into the village to post my last postcard of the holiday.

There was still time to squeeze some enjoyment out of the roads, even though they were leading us inexorably homewards. The sat-nav was clearly following the Route Richard Coeur de Lion, as whenever we saw a tourism sign for the route, that was the way we went.

The rain started at Poitiers and grew heavier as we continued north, making it difficult to overtake the lorries and fuel tankers we met on the roads. On one occasion I slowed down to pull in between two cars and was startled to be beeped by a car driver who had followed me into the overtake even though there was barely time for a bike to manage it.

We were spending the last night of the holiday where we had spent our first: at Andy and Maggie's B&B in Saint-Léger-de-Montbrillais. It was strange to be back having covered so many miles and seen so many different landscapes.

This time our hosts were spending the evening in and cooked dinner for us; something we had been greatly looking forward to through the dinnerless night before and the motorway service station baguette at lunchtime. The meal did not disappoint, and ended with locally-made tarragon liqueur.


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