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We've had a letter from Bromley Council promising a bin for kitchen waste over the next couple of weeks. Great! I've been saying for ages that I wished we could recycle food waste. (A fair amount of vegetable matter gets recycled into the gerbils, but they're only little and they can't manage all of it.)

Except...collection of 'non-recyclable waste', or 'rubbish' as we used to call it, is going down from weekly to fortnightly. Kitchen waste will be picked up every week along with paper, while non-recyclables and other recyclable waste (tins, bottles) will alternate.

'You will receive three collections every week!' says the council. Whoohoo.

We don't have wheelie bins and we can't leave bin bags outside overnight because the foxes will rip them open and/or poo on them. So there is nowhere to keep full binbags except indoors.

I guess the idea is that now we can recycle food waste there'll be less in the bin, and what there is will be less pongy. But I still have to clean the gerbils out every week, and their used litter isn't something you want hanging around for the next seven days.

I really loathe our council. They're fuckwits at best, actively malicious at worst.
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