Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Where's My Cake?

I am having a nice day!

My morning began with cards and presents: I have literary and lupine jewellery from my mum, chocolates from my flatmate, and several additions to my To-Read shelf, not to mention a sheaf of animal- and biplane-themed cards. (Full marks to callmemadam for finding an orange card with a meerkat on.)

Thanks to a generous Amazon voucher from my auntie, I will soon own all of Stingray on DVD too. Life is good!

Special mention to le_loup_peint and kowarth, who are both having a rotten time at the moment but still remembered me. Thanks, guys; it means a lot.

I went out for a pub lunch with my colleagues at the Cambridge, where the waiter, rather than being delighted to receive 13 people wanting lunch, told us off for attempting to move the tables and chairs so we could all sit together.

(It was nice that so many people came out, and I was all 'aww, my colleagues like me!'. In fact, I suspect my colleagues just like booze.)

Later I will go to karate.

They'll probably give me the bumps.

I didn't say it was all good.
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