Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Now With Orangey Bits

I was without both my scooters last week: one was having the steering-lock fixed, while my smaller commuter model has been away for some time having its paintwork resprayed at the expense of the Metropolitan Police after they knocked me off it in hot pursuit of some criminal scum.

Typically, I got a call on Friday afternoon to say the big one was ready and another on Saturday morning to say t'other was back from the painter's. An embarrassment of riches! It's awfully nice to have them both again after being Billy No-Bikes for far too long.

Since the Vespa was going in to the body shop anyway, I decided to fork out and have a couple of panels painted ORANGE.

I think it looks super-slick; I'm really, really pleased.

The 'Rocket Dog' sticker came with a pair of boots I bought and is a perfect colour match.

I found some big pinecones at the side of the road, which made for happy derbs.
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