Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Weekend Part III

Sunday was the ride to Hastings for which I prepared on Thursday evening. An early start from Maidstone services to miss the traffic was the plan, but first we were held up by a classic car rally heading for Leeds Castle, then one of us broke down, so the roads were relatively busy after all.

This allowed for some good overtakes, however, especially on the military road with its see-throughable S-bends and lengthy straight bits.

We had coffee and chat at Hastings, then returned on a delightful road I have bookmarked for later consideration (the B2244) for lunch at the Chequers Inn, where the food was friendly and the staff ample (or possibly the other way round). loganberrybunny, they had gammon steak for £12.95, an entire tenner more than we paid the previous day. I had curry.

At lunch we were joined by Fay Presto, the Vespa forum's very own celebrity (she rides a rhinestone-encrusted MP3), who set fire to a napkin and then magicked it whole again.

From Maidstone I headed straight into central London for a Russian Prom. On my way down Piccadilly I overtook some little girls in a pink stretch limo and gave them a big wave, which seemed to make their evening.

I know very little about classical music and next to nothing about different orchestras, but I do love Night on the Bare Mountain, so I jumped on tkb's coattails with alacrity for this one.

I should confess that I actually thought the interval was the end, because I had been counting rounds of applause and got up to four. Apparently one of the pieces had something called 'movements'. The second half was OK, though - I'm glad I stayed.

After the concert I chatted to the other biking prom-goers in the motorcycle bay as we put all our kit back on for the journey home. "As far as I'm concerned, Julia Fischer can do no wrong," said the chap next to me of the solo violinist. I had to confess that I hadn't heard of her until that evening.

Who says bikers are uncultured?

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