Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Weekend Part II

At the end of my first meeting with loganberrybunny, I joked 'Same time next year?' As it turned out, it was a whole year before we got together again, but we made up for lost time in Cheltenham on Saturday.

Spookily enough, Zoë Ball played 'Bright Eyes' on the radio as I was eating breakfast - a dedication to a listener's rabbit, no less.

I got rained on for most of the journey westwards, and ducking into shops to avoid showers became a recurring theme for the day.

Luckily there were some excellent shops to duck into: the Regent Arcade with its amazing singing ringing wishing fishing clock, plenty of charity shops and a Wilkinsons, which don't exist down my way.

A remaindered bookshop was selling sub-Disney DVDs at £2 for two. Logan and I clubbed together to purchase a timeless classic each: The Call of the Wild/White Fang for the husky and, for the rabbit, Happy, The Littlest Bunny. (I watched The Call of the Wild when I got in and it was pretty terrible, but I still think I may have got the best part of the bargain.)

Shop of the Day, however, and would that we had discovered it sooner, was a secondhand bookshop tucked away down a side street. It was one of those magical yet frustrating places with books double-stacked on every shelf and piled on the floor, challenging you to inspect every book in the place in search of that one perfect purchase.

Happily, loganberrybunny and I each found a book we had been seeking for absolutely ages; mine was Jupiter's Travels.

I do hope it will be less than a year until our next meeting. Maybe if we start planning it now...
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